Rug Backing

When overlocking or carpet binding your rug, there are three backing options for your rug.

1. Foam backing. This gives your carpet a softer feel under foot.

2. Felt backing. This gives your carpets better wear characteristics and make them more slip resistant.  Adding felt-backing to your carpet provides a reassuringly soft and comfortable feeling underfoot, without making any compromises whatsoever on durability, quality or style.

3. GILTGRIP ® Rug Grip. This attaches a special ‘sticky’ backing.  It is the most effective rug pad to prevent slipping and sliding on rugs. It is specifically designed to attach itself to the fibers of your carpet and keep your rug from slipping and sliding.

We stock & recommend GILTGRIP ® Rug Grip to keep your mats in place on carpet or hard floor

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