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Rugs are used by designers to enhance and beautify any space.  With your choice of style and texture, you can create the ideal floor rug.

Door Rugs, Hallway Runners, Round Rugs, Large Rugs for Family Rooms, Fire-Surround Protective Rugs – you name it, DEFINITIVE EDGE does it!

Have you just installed new carpet in your home or room, we are happy to shape and edge any offcuts for you.

You can choose any shape or size – round to square – to suit any room in your house. DEFINITIVE EDGE delivers a stylish and high quality product guided by you.

Why have home interior rugs?

Home Interior Rugs provide extra protection to your existing floors in high traffic areas.

What can you do with all those offcuts you end up with after you’ve had your carpet laid? They usually get thrown out or used as an outdoor mat for pets, but those frayed edges make them useless for indoor use. Reduce waste & get maximum value for money already spent on carpeting your home by keeping & utilising all carpet remnants.

How can I stop my rugs from slipping?

DEFINITIVE EDGE can also assist you with backing options for your rugs. We stock and recommend Anti-slip spray, we professionally spray the Anti-slip onto the back of rugs once finished with edging, it does take 12 hours to cure so please allow time in our factory.

What are my Carpet Edging options?

There are three options:

OVERLOCKING. Radial corners are recommended for overlocking to ensure optimal stitch coverage is achieved & to prevent corners from curling. Find out more about Overlocking.

TAPE BORDERS. You have a choice of thicknesses for the taped border, which provide a sharper finish to your custom rug or carpet. For a more elegant and sharp square-edge look. Available in different colours. Learn more about Tape Borders. Find out more about Tape Borders.

You can also add a fringe to your new rug. Find out more about fringing.

Don’t have carpet remnants handy?  

DEFINITIVE EDGE Give us a call to discuss your requirements we can recommend fantastic local carpet retailers that have a fantastic range that can make rugs to your size requirements and we can edge them for you.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote today!